The title of King of Ashenia dates back to before the Cataclysm. Following the destruction of the old capital at Redrisakand and the extinction of the royal family there was a power struggle between the various noble houses, culminating in the succession of the House of Toranath as recognised monarchs.

Over their long years as rulers, the kings of Ashenia have amassed a number of subsidiary titles. The full style of the King of Ashenia is:

"King of Ashenia, Prince of Eseda, Prince of Kyaralath, Prince of Ascalaine, Castellan of Adrakand, Castellan of Misakand, Lord of Lacertia, Lord of the Anvale, Lord of Intepeuh and Miaralan"

House of ShenathEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Shenath 6th century BC First king of Ashenia. His fifteen children became the heads of the major noble houses.

Names of later rulers of the House of Shenath are not known. It is presumed this house was the ruling family in Redrisakand destroyed by the Cataclysm.

House of ToranathEdit

The House of Toranath took the throne in the mid-first century after the Cataclysm. Names of early rulers are not known.

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Idrisa the Mad 257 - 327 327 Regency held by Prince Hazael 307 - 327
Hazael the Wise 288 - 358 327 358 Son of Idrisa, former regent.
Hazael the Silent 310 - 381


381 Son of Hazael the Wise, king in absentia ffrom 358 - 375[1]. Regency held by Princess Idrisa.
Idrisa the Magnificent 311 - 395 381 395 Daughter of Hazael the Wise. Killed in battle in Lacertia.
Shenath the Just 343 - 416 395 416 Son of Idrisa. In later life went nearly blind, de facto regency held by his sons.
Tansan the Great 374 - 454 416 454 Son of Shenath.
Kellan III 424 - 454 503 Grandson of Tansan.
Idrisa III 446 - 538 503 538 Daughter of Kellan III.
Hazael IV 479 - 538 Son of Idrisa III.



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