King of Zhaira is the title used by historians to refer to the rulers of the ancient Kingdom of Zhaira, though it may not have been the title used at the time. It has been suggested that the ancient kings instead used the title King of the Elves.

The formulaic history in which each king introduces a new aspect of governance to the kingdom suggests that it is at least in part legendary. The same histories record many kings ruling for "hundreds of years" and their true dates are unknown.

Kings of ZhairaEdit

Name Notes
Aesa the Conqueror Also known as the Elvenking. Conquered the northern lands that became the Kingdom of Zhaira
Aelfi the Explorer Son of Aesa. Discovered and colonised the Isles. Disappeared on a voyage to the far east.
Aelron the Just Son of Aelfi. Wrote the laws that would govern the people of Zhaira.
Aelthsan the Builder Son of Aelron. Built towns and cities for the people to live in.
Aelthuan the Warrior Son of Aelthsan.
Aeluith the Valiant Son of Aelthuan. Driven from the throne along with his family by invaders.

Aeluith was the last king to hold real power, although his descendants continued to claim the title of King.

Titular Kings of ZhairaEdit

Name Notes
Aelfuin the Lost Son of Aeluith. Spent much of his reign in hiding.
Elthwyn the Potent Son of Aelfuin. Drove invaders out of the highlands and re-established the king's hall.
Athelwyn the Feeble Son of Elthwyn. Not widely recognised as king.

After Athelwyn the main branch of the family became known universally as Jarrow and adopted the title Lord Jarrow.


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