Kingdom of Celero
Celero Crest
Regions Celero

Ri Chugang
Nan Hai Nian
Dong Bu Dosi
Ziben Yong

Ruler King Rion Hazael Noth
Player Logic
Abbreviation CEL
Capital Lancaster, Celero
Former Regions Propinlonge

The Sea of Glass

Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Ruling House Noth
Liege Salterri Imperium

Celero (Sell-air-oh) is a a country originally established on the coast of the Northern Afric Ocean and later including substantial domains in and on the Hundred Seas. It is bordered by Nyroth of the Triumvirate to the South-East, Gunung of Hurosha to the North-East, Bordeux to the North, Ashenia to the North-West, Crima to the West, Bereginia underground, and the Afric Ocean to the South.

Celero was established as a unified Kingdom in Year 1 CE, after the conclusion of the Celerii civil war. Celero has been ruled by house Noth of Nothborough since their rise to power.

The Capital of Celero is Lancaster, which sits on the west side of the Wendeir River as it empties into the ocean.


After the forming of the Union of the North (comprising Crima, Ashenia, Bordeux, and Sulvan's Fury,) Celero sought membership with the organization. After being rudely denied participation and membership, King Andust the Bold suspected a potentially nefarious alliance, and called a meeting of other nations to be a check against such a large power block. The meeting would eventually result in the creation of the Grand Coalition in 336 CE, of which Celero was a founding member.

The formation of the Grand Coalition had an unforseen side effect. The creation of the conflict from which Celero was trying to protect itself. A cold war between the two opposing power blocs endured for a quarter century before it came to a head.

The nation of Sympolemou had been inducted into the Grand Coalition under a ruse by the Union of the North. In 361 CE, the truth was revealed to the Coalition, and both sides marched to the defense of their allies. Western Celero was the site of the primary battle between the Union of the North and the Grand Coalition, at the Battle of Aldbury Field. A memorial now stand at the site of the battle, with the names of nearly every soldier lost listed facing the nation they were slain by.

In the late fifth century, Celero, along with its close ally AQUA, joined the Salterri Imperium, and assumed control over the Yong Prefecture.

Relations Edit

Celero maintains a number of positive relations with other nations throughout Telluris, and strives to have few enemies. Currently Celero is strongly allied with the Triumvirate, the Hurosha Empire, and AQUA. It is on friendly terms with nearly every nation known to them, and as of the mid-fifth century had no known enemies.

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