Kingdom of Genivana
Genivana Crest
Regions Genivana
Ruler Shvedrishti (last)
Player zabbarot
Abbreviation GEN
Capital Dvipabedapura, Genivana
Status Defunct
Abolished 422
Sovereignty Federated free state
Government Theocratic Monarchy
Ruling House Nia-Rohana

The Kingdom of Genivana was the polity exercising rule over Genivana prior to the fifth century. Ruled historically by the Nia-Rohana family, under and following the rule of King Mosi II it became a centre of the Radurjic faith, with effective power passing from the hands of the royal family to the Shahidi Mkuu (believed to be Mosi's reincarnation). It joined the Triumvirate in the mid-fourth century.

In 422 following the actions of Xiu Zhuang Ignato, and his arrest by Shvedrishti, the Kingdom of Genivana was abolished along with the other internationally-represented governments within the federation, and it became a fully federated part of the Triumvirate, governed from Miji Mkuu. The Shahidi Mkuu remained the spiritual leader of the Triumvirate and the head of the judiciary.

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