Kingdom of Lyradis
Regions None (Defunct)
Ruler Unknown
Player -
Abbreviation -
Capital Requiem-Discordia border
Status Defunct
Abolished 160
Former Regions Requiem


Sovereignty Free State
Government Monarchy

This article is about the prehistoric Kingdom of Lyradis. For the modern kindgom based in Lyradis, see Kingdom of Serendel.


The Kingdom of Lyradis was established in the year 42, emerging from local leadership in the area which may have predated the Cataclysm. According to Lyradis records, within eighty years of foundation the kingdom came under pressure, and ultimately attack, by the nearby Kell people, which led to the extinction of the royal family and the flight of many of the people from the kingdom by 160.

According to legend, the survivors of the kingdom eventually settled in Lyradis. The extant Kingdom of Serendel considers itself the successor to the old Kingdom of Lyradis.


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