Kingdom of Sanglea
Sanglea Crest
Regions Sanglea
Ruler King Rancks (last independent)
Player qazzquimby
Abbreviation SAN
Capital Siranol
Status -
Abolished 456
Sovereignty Free State
Government Monarchy
Sanglea was a former island kingdom, now part of the united Kingdom of the Isles.


In Sanglea tradition, Kingship is passed down to any individual capable of reaching a height on the Pillar higher than the last King. Due to this, there have been periods in Sanglean history where rule was temporarily assigned to the current High-Priest.

Customarily, for the first hundred meters above society, the challenger would navigate a complicated trialed puzzle-staircase, particularly well-suited for members of the Risen aristocracy. From there, the challenger would make the climb using small, naturally found outcroppings from the Pillar until they reached a height they deemed was high enough or were too exhausted to continue.

During the early fifth century, rule was under Rancks, a Grounded who forwent customary procedure and used external equipment to make the climb at the age of just sixteen. The current height record sits at 640ft above society. Rancks was just over six feet tall, which is tolerably short for a risen, and one of the shortest kings in recorded history.

Rancks, being a former grounded, was free of the Risen's omnidirectional prejudice. Unfortunately, Rancks fell from the Pillars in the early 450s, and many believe he was assassinated by the Risen. High Priest Iluthar made the ascent and married Queen Nui of the neighbouring Broken Enclave, forming the Kingdom of the Isles.


The people of Sanglea long ago learned to create ocean-faring ships.