Kingdom of Serendel
Regions Selyra


Ruler Ridion Serendel
Player TheWombatofDoom
Abbreviation LYR
Capital Ryinine, Selyra
Status Great Kingdom
Former Regions Lyradis

Domhan Abhaile

Sovereignty Imperial power
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Serendel
Vassals Guilderene Expanse

Kingdom of North Lyradis
Royal Council of Raaneka (former)
Wenyavuk (former)

The Kingdom of Serendel is the united kingdom incorporating the direct holdings of the Serendel family, which grew out of Lyradis in the fourth century. It forms the heart of the Empire of Dawn.

After the southern domain was fully established, the Kingdom of Serendel was divided in two, with the south remaining the Kingdom of Serendel and its northern regions becoming the Kingdom of North Lyradis.

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