Kingdom of Stolok
Planinfrag Shield
Regions The Planinfrag
Ruler King Rufus
Player Acco Spoot
Abbreviation STO
Capital Hradiska, Planinfrag
Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Stolok
Liege Glazfelli Hegemony
The Kingdom of Stolok is a kingdom based in the Planinfrag. Following the Eastern Orc Incursions, the kingdom made itself known to its Glazfelli neighbours.

King RufusEdit

Born the lesser noble of a disgraced lineage in the region of Haiwaste. His family had mostly broken apart since the first Orc invasion; their land soiled and home sacked, it was in order to re-establish pride amongst noble courtiers that Rufus joined the military as captain, and fought alongside his liege against the Orcs during the second Orc war, during which time he showed courage and steadfast resolve in refusing to retreat when the day had been lost.

Such courage was given honour by the Planin peoples, who had long suffered under the Orcish hordes, the King Ezra had recently fallen deathly ill and, leaving no heirs, sought to adopt a rightful and honourable ruler into his house, that some curse may be taken off the region. Emissaries from the Kings court tracked down the Noble Captain and gave him orders to take the throne immediately and offer the Orcs his steel once more.


Dionytz Blatha: Bearer of the Planinmor War standard, a prop that comes out of two long shafts strapped to the back in an arch, with a wool tapestry displaying the proud standard under which the people of Planin march. Dionytz is youthful, much like all members of the royal court still alive in Planin and has the typical exuberance of optimism on display for the region.

Gretna of Bojovnak: Royal advisor, and soothsayer to the pagan belief, she balances both the wisdom of the elder lessons and stories, with the harshness and necessity that comes from administering such a panicked and fraught region.

Krizhan of Koros: A wildman, fierce and with the soulless eyes of a man filled with battle and toughness, he is of few words, but acts as advisor to the King for all matters relating to the Koros people, it is assured that he got on quite well with Ezra but has a suspicion towards Rufus and his new court.

Cpt. Otto Voigt: Veteran of the Orc hordes alongside Rufus, he has long been a family ally and confident, and best friend of Rufus. Otto harbours a suspicion and disliking for this region already, but for the sake of his friend is willing to test his hands at any task set for him, including that which he finds most unpalatable.

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