Korath Toranath
Nationality Ashenite
Spouse Syana Ignato
Children Empress Mira Ignato

Korath Ignato (posthumous)

House Toranath


Race Human
Mother Queen Idrisa the Magnificent
Father Tansan Lyron
Born 346, Ashenia
Died 381, Aloren
Cause of Death Burned to death

Korath was the third and youngest child of Princess Regent Idrisa of Ashenia. Following the Great Tellurian War he was betrothed and later married to Syana Ignato as part of the peace negotiations. Syana was at the time the third child of Emperor Olwyt with no real prospect of inheritance, but in fact she later became Empress following the death of her older brothers from whooping cough. The marriage of Syana and Korath was seen as a great innovation for the formerly insular Ignato bloodline, and set a precedent for members of the family to marry outside Woodwind.

He was very intelligent, but not much of a social butterfly, preferring to read and write, mostly poetry, though he only shared a little of it even with Syana before their marriage. He did write quite a humorous limerick regarding an Alorese senator after she complained about him in a letter. He was known as the "great white prince" when he arrived in Woodwind, due to his relatively pale skin and white clothing.[1]

His marriage to Syana was a happy one, although it was to be tragically cut short at the Second Grand Ball, when he interposed himself between the fires and his family and was burned to death.[2] When Syana gave birth to a second child a few months later she named the boy after him.

He was specifically named as a "nice Ashenian" in the rude popular song I've Never Met a Nice Ashenian.



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