Kseverumestia Flag
Region Number 110
Realm Sovereign Principality of Niskovia
Population 205,000
Resources Obsidian, Geese
Imports Shiny objects
Religion Ancestor worship

Niskovian explorers made contact with the Severtians during the 440's. They were immediately offered provincial status by the Niskovian crown, however this gesture prompted an isolationist sect launched an attempted invasion of Valeriya in the early 450's. Grand Prince Zhenya led a successful defence of the province, followed by the conquest of Kseverumestia.

Kseverumestia has been a province of the Sovereign Principality of Niskovia since the late 460's.

Geography Edit

geography here

People Edit

The Severtians are lizardfolk, distantly related to both the Lacertians and the Relketians. Due to ideological differences they split off from their Lacertian cousins decades before the unification of 345 in order to escape cultural persecution. They lived in isolation until Niskovian explorers began arriving after the year 441. As such the Severtians have a culture that is notably different to that of their cousins. As a matriarchal society, each clan is led by the eldest female. The females perform most of the hunting and defence of the clanholds. Typically males watch over the clan's children and fight only in wartime. Curiously, their religion is still very much like that of their cousins.

Physically Severtians look very similar to Lacertians, mostly due to their split being relatively recent. Still, there are a few differences; Severtians typically have smoother scales that are greyish rather than black and though male Severtians lack horns they are still larger than their female counterparts.

Religion Edit

The Severtians follow tenets that are very similar to those of their distant cousins, the Lacertians and the Relketians. There are a few key differences, the most notable being that only the males can become priests.


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