Kuku Lelian
Title Acting Doge of Guilder
Reign 495 -
Predecessor Wesley (as Doge)
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Wesley
Issue None

Kuku Lelian was a Komola from Penoccident who married Doge Wesley of Guilder.

During the opening phases of the Sunset War, negotiations were ongoing between the Empire of Dawn and the Salterri Imperium to try to keep the Imperium from entering the war. The Imperium had many longstanding grievances against Guilder, and insisted on a number of measures to restrain Guilder's influence and wilfulness in future.

As part of these conditions, Wesley, son of Vizini, was to become Doge and take a wife provided by the Imperium. Kuku was the bride provided: an intelligent Komola aristocrat, though not capable of bearing children by a human father. In fact the Imperium entered the war anyway following the murder of Li Huanle, but the marriage between Wesley and Kuku held.

When Wesley was captured in battle in the Frontier, Kuku became Acting Doge until he was returned. On his return from imprisonment he was considered incapable, so she retained her position as Acting Doge thereafter.

Royal titles
Preceded by
as Doge
Acting Doge of Guilder
495 -
with Wesley (500 -)

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