Kuldran Crest
Region Number P6
Realm Kingdom of Kuldran
Population 280,000
Resources Gold, Iron, Bronze
Imports Food
Religion Issa


The people of Kuldran have been native to the land as long as their history tells. The Kuldranese are fair skinned, which has led some to believe that their people migrated from somewhere else. Most are short, as the lack of nutrients limits growth. Traits of the Kuldranese include honesty, hard-work ethic, and gifted at outdoor activities, such as tracking, climbing, etc. Outsiders are not normally seen in Kuldran, and if they are anywhere, they are found in the capital, Miskunn.


The terrain of Kuldran is what is to be expected of a polar region. Bleak, covered in ice and snow, and almost no life. This is the reason that the nation must mostly import their food, as hunting can only get them so much. The basic setup of the people is one half of the Kuldranese live in Miskunn, while the other half live in small hunting villages, and fend for themselves.

Dragonsbeak Glacier is the largest glacier in the region, once a year, there is a contest held to see if anyone can climb it to pay their respects to Ishun, the Ice Goddess (see religion). If they can indeed make it to the top, they are rewarded with a house in Miskunn paid for by the King.

Built under the rule of King Gellik Svinnr, the Shrine of Ishun is a massive complex with a large gold statue of the Ishun. Many people come to pay their respects. The shrine itself lies in the center of the city, along with the Central Palace, which is the main palace for the monarchs.

Towards the southern region of Kuldran, Hellir Lake remains frozen all year. However, the villages that surround this lake have developed methods of ice fishing, and are able to sustain themselves upon this catch as well as any hunting they are able to do.


The main religion of Kuldran is known as Issa. It is based around the worship of Ishun, who is known as the protector of the land. The Kuldranese pray to Ishun for protection, good hunting/catching, good fortune, and health. The only other God in Issa is Brotun, who is Issa’s brother. He is associated with bad things, mainly the opposites of what Issa can bring. Some religious holidays in Kuldran include:
Ishunlana, which is the aforementioned ritual climbing of Dragonsbeak Glacier. Most citizens go to the glacier at least to watch, if not try and climb the glacier.

Nyrtag, the ritual new year, which happens on the Ruler’s birthday, so is prone to change. To celebrate, people go to the Shrine of Ishun, and also at as soon as the clock strikes midnight, and Nyrtag has begun, a massive bonfire is burned in Miskunn, and is symbolically fending off Brotun for another year.


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