Kynvessa Varinel
Title Queen of the Heartwaste
Reign c.366 - 380
Predecessor Katara Varinel
Successor Valineth Varinel
Spouse Yuuhi
Issue Valineth Varinel


House Varinel
Father Hariven Varinel[1]
Born 311
Died 380

Katara Varinel named Kynvessa heir on the latter's 19th birthday, a few weeks after killing their father (their mother, having died in childbirth early in her life, was, as such, unavailable to be named queen in his place) in a duel.

Kynvessa was almost entirely fae in nature, though aside from a nasty iron allergy, she had little, so far as is known, to show for it.[2]


Royal titles
Preceded by
Katara Varinel
Queen of the Heartwaste
c. 366 - 380
Succeeded by
Valineth Varinel

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