Lann Qïng
Nationality Salterri
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Governor of Salteire
Race Human
Died 360
Cause of Death Assassinated
Religion Hailings of the Silver Sea

"Bare bilo, begi bilo. You get what you give. As Salterri we pride ourselves in just pay." - Governor Lann Qïng, 353

Lann Qïng was the governor of Salteire in the mid-fourth century, and the Salterri representative at the Ryazen Bay Central Sea Conference in 353. Lord Qïng's presence at the conference caused a degree of consternation among other attendees, particularly Khan Dyamus Ignato, who stormed out of the conference chamber upon Lord Qïng's arrival.

It was believed that Lord Qïng was responsible for the detention of prisoners taken from Woodwind and Hrathanese ships that disappeared on a southern expedition, to which he did not admit at the conference. At some point he commanded a unit including the future General Zuei at an early stage of Zuei's career.[1]

In 360 an expedition led by Dyamus and his friend Marius Earthguard ventured south to liberate the prisoners. While the precise details of the venture have passed into legend, it is generally accepted that Dyamus succeeded in infiltrating Lord Qïng's quarters, while disguised as a woman, and strangling him to death.[2] The death of Governor Qïng led to a period of instability in Salteire and a power vacuum that eventually came to be filled by the Priory of Ascension.



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