The Great Serpent of the Sea and the Sky watches over us. For those in need of Healing need His gifts to us; fresh water and fresh air.

Lea is the An Náduri god of healing.

While Dernyos was creating creatures, the Elder Gods continued work on their own creations. One of their most noteworthy creations was a mighty Serpent with draconic features who would eventually be known as Lea, the Lord of Healing. A short time before the First Age, Lea glided through the first sky, seeking the first clouds.

By gathering the first moisture in the air together into bigger and bigger clouds, Lea created the first storm clouds which rained until the first oceans were filled and the core had enough water until the next rain. Lea learned to use the air and water to heal and preserve life and by the Second Age had become powerful enough to ascend to Godhood.

Though the Dragons the Elder Gods created were greater than Lea, most of them died during the Third Age leaving Lea to be one of the last draconic beings. Sometime during the Fifth Age, Lea appeared before the new nomadic nation of An Nádur and taught them much of the art of healing before returning to the universe's core where most of the deities reside.


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