Li Huanle
Nationality Salterri
Spouse None
Children Ysenia Varinel-Li (adopted)

Durett Markov-Li (adopted)
Lauvia Markov-Li (adopted)

Title Regent of the Heartwaste
House Li
Race Human (Vampire)
Mother Ambryn Jarrow
Father Qzare Li Tailong
Born 425, Aus-Teire
Died 489, the Heartwaste
Cause of Death Assassinated

Li Huanle was the third daughter of Qzare Li Tailong and Empress Ambryn, and the triplet sister of Tianshi and Fengbao.

As a girl, Huanle was an obsessive romantic, her life ambition being to find a handsome husband. At Tiansi's second coronation (which was also Huanle's seventeenth nameday) she met some members of the Pavonian delegation, including Duke Charles. Before the end of the night, however, she had fallen under the sway of Lady Lucrezia, who turned her to vampirism.

Following this she disappeared for several years. Fengbao led a search for her, but nothing more of her was seen until the Pink Tide Festival in 446, when she was encountered by her uncle Atheldynn who learned the truth.

The news angered the Qzarina, and Huanle later fell in with Kyria Varinel, another vampire sterilised by her condition. The two became close, with Kyria eventually appointing Huanle her designated regent and heir presumptive (should Kyria fall before Loris's return was due).

When Kyria led the army of Faedas to defend Sympolemou, Huanle remained behind as regent. There she was killed in the Ice Palace in 489, by a group of assassins who infiltrated the Ice Palace and slew her with silver swords. The attack was roughly contemporaneous with a similar attack on Kyria herself.

The Triumvirate was immediately blamed for the attacks, which led to the entry of the Salterri Imperium into the Sunset War. Later investigation proved the Triumvirate's innocence and instead implicated Duke Markov of Pavonia, which sparked the subjugation of Pavonia by the Imperium.

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