This is a list of all known regions on Arandi.

# Name Realm
1 Sasanand Kingdom of Nand
17 The Tillwell The Geshemafar
44B Skianz Skianz
48 Ambrose Ambrose Ascendancy
57 Primus Imperium Primaris
64 Autumnal Courtlands Courts of the Aeldir
65 Winter Courtlands Courts of the Aeldir
66 Spring Courtlands Courts of the Aeldir
67 Summer Courtlands Courts of the Aeldir
70 Chornostrav Tsardom of Trolls
74 Fantastigoria Primacentra
122 Tannan Vincedom of Hess Tannan
139 Hakeber
144 Lignummus
145 Xeroas Dynasty of Escaye
250 Kherson
281 Western Aladar
326 Shafar Shafar Kingdom
P5 Nifhel

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