War Parties Started Concluded
Celero Civil War

Kingdom of Celero

Order of Fire

- c.323
Conquest of Aloren

Khanate of Woodwind


Kingdom of Aloren

345 349
Conquest of Zargrim



c.345 350
Conquest of Nyroth

Ignato Empire

Kingdom of Nyroth

354 360
Invasion of the Heartwaste

Grand Coalition

Kingdom of the Heartwaste

c.355 c.360
Great Tellurian War

Union of the North

Grand Coalition

Nightmare Bond


364 (last combat)

366 (de jure)

Invasion of Sympolemou

Grand Coalition

Kingdom of the Iron Doctrine

c.370 c.375
Conquest of the Anvale

Kingdom of Ashenia

Angan Anvale

c.370 c.375
War of the Knights of Pain

Salterri Imperium

Knights of PAIN


376 (de facto)

396 (complete)

Keldagrim Anarchy Various c.380 c.381
Borterri Civil War

Imperial government

Lord of Fire worshippers

c.390 c.395
Conquest of Lacertia

Kingdom of Ashenia

United Lacertian Dominion

c.395 c.400
Red Earth Uprising

Northern realms


395 401
Rise of the Balefrog


Union of the North

400 c.400
AQUA Civil War

Children of Kina and allies

Grant loyalists and allies

c.402 408
Quiet War

AQUA leadership

Grant loyalists and allies

c.408 438
Conquest of Norogh

Grand Duchy of Pavonia

Kingdom of Mularuhm

414 418
First War of the Mandate

Salterri Imperium

Priory of Ascension

418 420
Eastern Orc Incursions

Eastern realms


c.421 c.421
Moonshroud War

Salterri Imperium

Priory of Ascension and allies

434 436
Invasion of Galie-Noiret

Hurosha Empire

Pryonic Kingdom

435 436
Invasion of the City States

United Free Cities and allies

Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo

435 448
Southern Carmine Incursion


Kingdom of the Carmine Sea and allies

436 436
Invasion of Intepeuh

Warriors of Syivine

Grand Kingdom of Gunung and allies

440 440
Suppression of the Jaaku Na

Bordeusi Concordat, Tzaltec Empire

Jaaku Na

441 447
Conquest of Bjurnja

Caercian Consortium

Kingdom of Bjurnja

446 450
Kell Wars

Banished Kingdom of Kelldria

Kingdom of the Carmine Sea and allies

c.450 463
Conquest of Zuiguo

Greatest Kingdom of Zuiguo

Salterri Imperium

Kingdom of the Silver Moon

455 463
Invasion of the Stone Men

Stone Men

Union of the North

457 466
Invasion of Cuan


Hurosha Empire

c.461 464
Cleansing of the Planinfrag

Kingdom of Stolok

Glazfelli Hegemony


461 467
Calorum Uprising

Ascensionist rebels

Kingdom of Calorum and allies

464 471
Invasion of Alzeroth

Ash-Kingdom of Maur and allies

Alzeroth Collective

470 485
Sunset War

Empire of Dawn and allies

Concordat of Frost and Flame and allies


495 (last combat)

500 (de jure)

Conquest of Escuralan

Empire of the Silver Moon

Ash-Kingdom of Maur

495 495
Subjugation of Pavonia

Caercian Consortium and allies

Pavonian Imperium


502 (last combat)

506 (de jure)

Schism of Frost

Iero Dominion and allies

Glazfelli Hegemony and allies

501 520
Unfortunate Goat War

Salterri Imperium

Goat Lord

517 525
Carmine Civil War

Kingdom of the Carmine Sea


519 519
Stuyvesant Uprising

Empire of the Silver Moon and allies

Doctor Stuyvesant and followers

525 525
War of the Knights of Black

Knights of Black

Everburning Horde and allies

525 537
Conquest of Trandar



537 541
Ice Golem War

Kingdom of Ashenia

Hartigan Borealis and followers

538 538
Reconquest of Nanguang

Kingdom of Novrania and allies

Darsia, Mapuílli, Judge Fleet

539 546
Eastern Kell Wars

Banished Kingdom of Kelldria

Great Sharixian Republic and allies

544 553
Sharixian War of Independence

Great Sharixian Republic and allies

Tzaltec Empire and allies

545 c.550
Silver Moon Civil War


People's Army, Alydaxan Army

Lorvyn-Maur War

Commonwealth of Lorvyn

Ash-Kingdom of Maur and allies

548 c.555
War of the Usurper

Spectral Usurper

Niemida Legacy, Kingdom of Mularuhm

548 566
Invasion of the Radurjic Republics

Kingdom of Stolok and allies

Union of Radurjic Republics

c.555 c.555
War of the Burning Sun

Blood Kingdom of Kelof'Zarin

Telek'kra and allies

555 563
Feran Civil War

First Nobility

Höfreiks of True Fera's Kvista

c.556 571
Conquest of Valasharix


Valasharix provisional government

Kelldrian Civil War

Zosimus Argulus and allies

Pankitus Argulus


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