Lizardfolk are a people who live mostly in the western tropics, although are also found in Nyroth. There are four major groups, though it is important to note that Lizardfolk should not be under any circumstance be confused with the Drakefolk, which are actually a type of Beastfolk.


Alydaxian Lizardfolk have spikes on their tails, and an average lifespan of around one hundred years. The royal family is especially noticeable due to a large crest at the back of their heads. They have green skin and purple markings on their face, arms, tail, and legs.

Lizardfolk of this type are found in Alydaxis, Glirfrey and Nyroth, although the Nyroth lizardfolk have characteristics of both Alydaxan and Scla'can lizardfolk.


The Scla´ca are well-built and agile. Many of them have dark green scales, sometimes with brown spots or strips; this colouration provides them with excellent camouflage in the forests of their homeland. Leaders of tribes have more noticeable colouration, usually orange or red stripes.

Scla´ca lizardfolk are usually around 180 centimeters high, with very little sexual dimorphism. They have extremely long limbs and excel in running and climbing.

Lizardfolk of this type are found in Scla'ca and Arix'la, and share some characteristics with those in Nyroth.

Nyroth Edit

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The Lacertians are carnivorous cousins to common lizardfolk, adapted to northern environments. Notably, they birth live young instead of laying eggs. They have black, jagged scales, and are somewhat tall by human standards, typically standing from six to seven feet tall. They have long tails, some reaching twelve feet. Males are typically larger, and are distinguished by having four horns at the back of their skulls and a reddish tone from their throats to their bellies. Females do not have horns, and have a greyish-white tone for their underbellies. Lacertian Lizardfolk can live for up to 150 years, though historically the majority die long before this point, either in war, mining, or disease.

Males reach maturity at the age of 16, and tend to mate for the first time at that age. Females develop more slowly, fully maturing at the age of 20, which is when they take their husband.

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