The power of the moons are subtle but undoubtedly powerful beyond imagination.

Llythial is the only deity of the nine primary deities of An Náduri Paganism who is a local deity to Telluris. This speaks not only to the power of Llythial herself but the power and importance of the Tellurian Moons. It is said that Llythial has been a Goddess for as long as Telluris has been, though when this is is a controversial topic.

Most claim that Telluris was born during the end of the Fourth Age, which others claim cannot be possible for how could mortals have hoped to cross to other worlds before without mention of such a journey? The latter opinion however is least popular purely due to the large gaps in tales of the Ages which is undoubtedly directly caused by time.

It is amazing enough that history as far back as a couple thousand years is known by An Nádur, let alone any of the tales of the faith. Llythial's purpose and powers are largely unknown, though she is undoubtedly one of the more seemingly benevolent deities. Her hair is a shimmery blue, complimenting her bright silver skin and contrasting her deep black eyes.

It is unknown whether she came to be because of the Tellurian moons or if the Tellurian moons came to be because of her, but it is clear to all that they are linked in ways mortals will never understand. Therefore, she is responsible for the light by which the nocturnal creatures rely upon to see, the tides, the calendar and much more and therefore one of the more well loved goddesses among the Cervidh.


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