High Guildmaster Loki Ethmorl
Title High Guildmaster of Hrathan and Tuor
Reign c.330-381
Predecessor Unknown
Successor Nathanias Ethmorl
Spouse Salline
Issue Nathanias Ethmorl

Ivar Ethmorl

House Ethmorl
Born 303, Hrathan-Tuor
Died 381, Aloren
Cause of Death Burned to death

Loki Ethmorl was High Guildmaster of Hrathan and Tuor, a founding member of the Triumvirate, and considered the greatest military genius of the fourth century. He was killed during the ritual to force the reincarnation of the Blazing Avatar at the Second Grand Ball in 381.[1]


Political offices

High Guildmaster of Hrathan and Tuor
Succeeded by
Nathanias Ethmorl

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