Magni of the Unbroken Line
Nationality Razdissi
Spouse Lhankmar Benxia
Children Moda (b.329)
Title Governor of Eyrecradia
House Unbroken Line
Race Dwarf
Mother Urgo Bangboom
Father Vali the Archer
Born 403
Died bef. 460

Magni was the fourth child and third son of Mormaer-Emperor Vali the Archer. He was appointed governor of Eyrecradia in 422, such position to be held by his heirs in perpetuity[1] At around the same time he married Lhankmar of the influential Benxia clan.

Following the catastrophic failure of government in the Underpire in the 450s and the death of Magni's sister Empress Cogen in 460, Magni chose not to involve himself in the ensuing civil war. Magni did not oppose his relative by marriage, King Alfmark, when he asserted his own claim to the province.  It is not known what became of Magni's daughter by Lhankmar, Moda, but it appears she did not attempt to claim her father's inheritance and may have predeceased him. Alfmark ultimately passed rule of it to his daughter Melhyn.



Political offices

Title last held by
Tuthin of the Unbroken Line
Governor of Eyrecradia
422 - c.460

Title next held by
Alfmark the Lion
as King of the Northern Elves

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