Region Number 148
Realm Great Sharixian Republic
Population 435,000
Resources Yaks

Initial Scouting ReportEdit

Mountainous, but not volcanic. Very cold. An abundance of flying goats spotted called Skygoats by the local population. Pelts seemed suitable for turning into cold-weather clothes and colouration would make good camouflage in region. Flesh was not unlike ordinary, non-flying goat: strong and gamey, but with proper cooking, mild. Locals became distraught. Situation was handled. Domestication possible, but likely problematic. Samples collected and sent; includes single living example.

In addition, a large, non-flying herd beast spotted. Locals call it a Yak. Domesticated. Used for fibers, milk, and meat. Yak dung used for fuel. Smell: tolerable compared to cold. Yak also used as beast of burden. Very versatile animal. Samples collected and sent; includes a single living example. Locals happy to share.

The local people are human and friendly. Locals believe the skygoat to be the souls of their ancestors who achieved “enlightenment”. They do not hunt them or domesticate them. Discreet order relayed to stop hunting them issued after discovery. The goats seem to like Salt, and the people seem to feed it to them. A lot.

Conquest not advised, but diplomacy may prove more difficult.”


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