Majana Sha
Regions Unknown
Ruler Grand Prince Montoyon Gebui (last)
Player NPC
Abbreviation -
Capital Bashul Kentoya (presumed)
Status Defunct
Abolished bef.480
Former Regions Bashul Kentoya

Daksin Lasha
Uttara Lasha
Suranga Sapheda

Sovereignty Free State

Majana Sha was a fabulously wealthy principality in and around the Keystone Mountains. It first came to the attention of the wider world in 441, following the Eastern Orc Incursions, when Grand Prince Montoyon Gebui visited Sahra'a and established trades with Guilder.[1]

The population appear to have been almost entirely Monto, green-skinned humanoids.

At some point following this visit, Majana Sha came under attack from the Saroc and was ultimately destroyed by Megadeth Khaboss Stormskull. Its former lands now form part of the Mighty Euge Terrible Alliance of Lanteroc.



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