Maria Wulfendyne
Title Grand Duchess of Pavonia
Reign 501 - c.517
Predecessor Clovis Wulfendyne
Successor Frederick Wulfendyne
Spouse None known
Issue None known
House Wulfendyne
Mother Emryn Jarrow
Father Clovis Wulfendyne
Born 441
Died c.517
Religion The Path

Maria was the eldest daughter of Clovis Wulfendyne, and the last Empress of the Pavonian Imperium. Following the invasion and conquest of many of Pavonia's regions she was obliged to lay down her imperial title and become a vassal to the Caercian Consortium.


Maria is not known to have married or had children. She was succeeded by her nephew, the son of her triplet sister Astrid, Frederick Adolf Clovis Adam.

Royal titles
Preceded by
Clovis Wulfendyne
Empress of Pavonia
501 - 506
with Emperor-Regent Ludwig Wulfendyne (502 - 506)
Imperium abolished

Title last held by
William Adolph Wulfendyne
Grand Duchess of Pavonia
506 - c.517
Succeeded by
Frederick Wulfendyne

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