Mary Ann Summers
Nationality Jewelled Cities
Spouse Gil Egan
Children Indigo Summers
Race Islander
Born 313
Died 397

Mary Ann was popular and well known with the people of the Jeweled Cities. She often acted as the voice of caution on the Senior Council. Mary Ann was an acknowledged animal lover, possessing an almost supernatural ability to understand birds, beasts, and creatures like dolphins and whales. This ability helped the Islanders tame and raise the food animals they needed to live. She married Gil Egan and had several children.

In 350, she expressed her dissatisfaction with the council by quitting. Simply put, she did not like the continentals at all, and resented going on diplomatic errands. She retired to her farm where she raised her family. She died in 397 of natural causes, 3 days after her husband.

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