The mawa are native to the jungles of Genivana. They stand as tall as a man, but tend to hunch when walking. Their arms are long and their hands a bit oversized. They have opposable toes. Male mawa have great manes of red hair encircling their face and exceptionally large canines. The females have shorter hair and smaller canines. Both have red fur over their entire body and tan to black skin that is visible on the face, hands, and feet. They revere the jungle and their ancestors. Their buildings are of primarily of carved stone and carefully manipulated plants. The mawa consider treeshaping an art and some of the greatest works of mawa architecture are living trees that have been sculpted for generations as they grew. They travel easily through the canopy of the jungle, but when their relation with the humans of Dvipabeda flourished they took just as easily to ships rigging, and many are just as at home at sea.

Humans and mawa can interbreed and in Genivana the offspring are referred to as genimawa.

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