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Welcome to the wiki! This page will be updated with relevant stuff, advice and clarification.

What it's for

The wiki is designed as a resource and reference pool. There are now well over a hundred EMPIRE! threads on the forum and finding specific stuff can often be hard, so it's easy for things to get lost or forgotten. On the wiki, events, characters, and so on can be recorded for posterity and looked at at any time, while details on particular resources, customs, religions and the like can be easily found to refer to when necessary.

The current intention is to keep the wiki relatively rules-light with an emphasis on fluff. Description from an in-character perspective is encouraged (usually third-person but with a degree of omniscience where necessary). The latest version of the rules and relevant tables will always be on the forum.

I (Aedilred/TheWyrm) have been trying to get as many pages up as possible to give the wiki some structure and capture some of the information that was otherwise a bit of a pain to find. However, everyone is encouraged to add to or edit information here, especially when it comes to details of events or characters that they have particular knowledge of.

Notability is not important: in fact, obscure and trivial stuff that only a couple of people would otherwise know is part of the point - so long as it's ok for more people to know it and it's not private/secret, of course.

Where to Start

If you'd like to contribute but don't know where to start, you might like to check out the the list of Wanted Pages - pages that are linked but don't yet exist. You might find there's something in there you want to write about and nobody else already has.

Similar is the list of Stubs - short articles which probably deserve more attention than they've got so far.

Alternatively you could just have a browse around and see if there's a page you'd like to add to, or a page you'd like to create from scratch.

How to make edits and additions

To add a page, click "Contribute: Add a Page" in the top right of the screen, or follow a red link to the page you want to create. From there you can use either the visual editor or the source code to create a page. Note that line breaks and formatting do not always transfer across from copy-pasted text so it's worth using a preview to check if it's worked. (The preview doesn't always show broken code, but it usually does).

To edit an existing page, go to that page and click "edit".

Adding [[ ]] tags in source mode around a word or phrase creates a link to that page, if there is one. To display different text to the page linked to, put the link name in first, then a "|" followed by the display text. For instance, "<<terrorist|freedom fighter>>" (replace angular brackets with square ones) would display as "freedom fighter" but when clicked, lead to the page for "terrorist". This feature allows links to be integrated more naturally into prose.

Adding headers (header text styles 2-4) will automatically create a contents box at the top of the page with headers and sub-headers, as at the top of this page.

Note that page names and links are case-sensitive.


The wiki is obviously informal, but it's nice to have a bit of consistency in naming to help find pages easily and stop duplication.

Regions are linked at their current name, even if they've had different ones in the past: e.g. "Norogh" is at "Novorogh".

The standard for character page names is full name without titles. If the character has no known or commonly-used surname, "name of place" would be appropriate, e.g. Umajin of Crima. If they really only have one name and there's unlikely to be anyone else by it, it's probably ok. If there are multiple people with the same name, differentiate them in a common-sense way with numerals, "Jr", "the elder", etc.

Definite or indefinite articles are generally omitted even where they're normally used, e.g. "Jewelled Cities" rather than "The Jewelled Cities".

Redirects have been put in to account for some regional differences in spelling (e.g. "Jeweled Cities" vs "Jewelled Cities", for known differences in region names, some easy misspellings, and so on... however, I've probably missed some.

In general, accents and diacritics have been left out of page names to make it easier to link to those pages in future.


When you've finished creating the page it's a good idea to add it to a category so it can be easily found and listed with other relevant pages. This can be done in a box on the right side of the screen while in edit mode, or at the bottom of the page if viewing normally. Categories include:

  • Realms - this is a category for polities, as opposed to regions. For instance, Ashenia is a region, but the Kingdom of Ashenia is a realm including Ashenia, Lacertia, etc. In this case, Kingdom of Ashenia would get one page for the whole kingdom, and Ashenia would get a separate page for that region. Some regions will be realms in their own right, if they have no colonies or vassals. The idea is that details relating to more than one region (politics etc.) goes on the Realm page, and region-specific details (geography, culture, people descriptions) can go on the Region page - this is the way a lot of posts are set up on the Lands of Telluris thread and it seems to work well.
  • Regions - this category is for individual region posts. Region posts need not be copy-pasted from the Lands of Telluris thread (although many of them have been) and can go into more or less detail, tangents, include or exclude features irrelevant to the game mechanics, etc.
  • Mythical Realms/Regions - for regions that either turned out not to exist (were written up but the player vanished before taking actions) or are possibly in-game legends from before recorded history.
  • International Relations - for treaties, alliances, conferences, wars, and so on.
  • Wars - a specific type of international relations.
  • Culture - anything to do with the world that isn't related to war, politics or region descriptions.
  • Characters
  • Events
  • and a number more.

A full list of current categories is available at Special:Categories.


There are a number of EMPIRE!-specific templates available for rounding out pages. At present the following are available but more will probably be added as we go along:

  • Character Infobox - for characters who are not rulers
  • Dynasty Infobox - for major families (usually ruling families)
  • Event Infobox - for in-character events like the Grand Ball or International Council
  • Realm Infobox - for whole countries
  • Region Infobox - for individual regions
  • Ruler Infobox - for characters who were or are rulers
  • War Infobox - for wars

To use a template, select it from the Templates menu at right of screen. You may have to click through to the list of used templates or the longer list. Fill in the details as appropriate. You can use the [[ ]] square brackets in the templates too. To add a list of items in one field, put the code < br > (no spaces) at the end of each line.

If "Details Switch" is available as an option, typing "yes" in here will display the features below it in the list. Leaving it blank will not display those options even if they are filled out. Many other options are also conditional and will not display if not filled in. In general, if there is nothing appropriate for a given field, leave it blank: it will appear either as "unknown" or not appear at all.

Succession templates are also available to go at the bottom of ruler pages and the like. These are a bit more complicated but a full explanation is available on wikipedia: (the code is identical, although not all headers have been ported across).


References are nice to have, if available. In general, if making mention of anything particularly obscure, it's an idea to link it to the relevant forum post so that people can see for themselves you haven't made it up. Of course, there's nothing wrong with making things up. To add a reference, go to the "Source" view, and put < ref >your link< /ref > next to the text you want to footnote. Then at the bottom of the page, put the code < references/ > if it isn't there already (remove all spaces). That will then format the footnotes automatically.

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