Megadeth Khaboss is the title held by the leader of the Saroc people. The title is not hereditary: rather, the strongest Khabosses gather their hadnik together for wargames to determine the strongest leader who is worthy of the title 'Megadeth Khaboss'. Beneath the Megadeth Khaboss are the Khabosses who are above the Kha. Second to leadership qualities, the Saroc value personal strength.

Known Megadeth KhabossesEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Urindak Stormskull bef. 485
Ahmes of Tzalteclan 486 Recognised as fellow Khaboss by Stormskull

Other KhabossesEdit

Name Lifespan From Until Notes
Grebthar Ironarm bef.486 Recognised as heir by Stormskull after 490


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