The Menhîrin are a race of creatures made of mineral, who inhabit Gwristin beneath Calorum. They are as diverse within their own population as the races outside of their world. Other than their enmity for dwarvenkind, they are actually very friendly towards other races. They seem to be immortal, their leader reportedly being more than three thousand years old. They say their immortality is due to a magical place in their country, called the Anchor of Life by the Menhîrin. Also, according to their stories of Menhîrin that venture to the “Void”, or the outside world, they say it took around one thousand years before their life essence returned to the Anchor. Apparently this Anchor is the source of their life energy, but even in absence of the Anchor they have a massive lifespan.

Their size and body size seems to differ both in age and in composition of their bodies. Small, delicate chalk or limestone Menhîrin exist, as small as a housecat, but there are also huge creatures of granite or quartz, as tall as a Kasumori Dragonfly is long. They can alter the very structure of the stone they are made up off, creating entire new limbs if they deem necessary, although this takes a very long time. They can however, in a matter of minutes, blend in with their surroundings, provided the Menhîrin is in a rocky environment.

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