The Mia Isabella was the flagship of the legendary Giorno Fiassa, a Guilderene explorer from the mid-fourth century. It was originally part of an exploration fleet sent to the south from Guilder. The ships were unprepared for the demands of the open sea and most of them were sunk, with the remainder turning back. Fiassa was the only captain to press on.[1]

In 380 the Mia Isabella was discovered floating off the coast of Vennland by Jarr observers. It was recovered by Lord Sunder, who found the ship empty.[2] The Jarrs at that time had little contact with the north and had not heard of Fiassa or the Guilder expedition, and examined the ship very closely, trying to learn its secrets. Eventually, through study and discussion with Guilderenes (including Columbo Fiassa, a friend of the king) the origin of the Mia Isabella was discovered.

The ship was no longer seaworthy and it was considered impractical to repair it sufficiently to return it to Guilder or even to Fiassa's Fast. Instead it was converted, and the shell of the vessel used to house the new Company of Maritime Venturers, formed in Fiassa's memory in Horbeach. The ship still stands there today.



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