Mictlanpa Crest
Region Number P1
Realm Kingdom of Calorum
Population 79,000
Resources Fish
Imports Grain and vegetables
Religion Lord of Fire


The region is dominated by the Chilling Plains, where snowstorms blow almost continually and the dry snow acts like razors to exposed skin.[1] On the southern edge of the region, bordering Gunung, are the Quiet Mountains, called such because there is only one volcano in the entire mountain range. It is within this volcano that the Berapi founded the region's capital, Centetl.


The indigenous people are human, although there is a large population of berapi colonists, especially in and around Centetl. The berapi have interbred with the humans and an increasing number of people have both human and berapi heritage.


The only noteworthy resource in Mictlanpa is is fish caught from beneath the regions ice lakes. There are  several places where crude oil bubbles to the surface but no active harvesting of this has been implemented. Grain and vegetables are much-needed as the wintery landscape does not allow for the growing of these products.


Like the berapi of Gunung, the people of Mictlanpa follow the Lord of Fire, with most of the same doctrine. Among the human population some beliefs are shared with neighbouring Wenyavuk.



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