Miji Mkuu is the capital city of the Triumvirate and lies at a bend in the Nadanada that marks the shared border between Aloren, Genivana, and Hrathan-Tuor.

Borrowing heavily from Genivanan Architecture due to its deep jungle position, the city of Miji Mkuu is grander than any other city in the Triumvirate and perhaps the world in size and scope. It is dominated by grand spires that rise above even the tall jungle trees of Aloren and grant an unfettered view over the city and the jungle surrounding it. The center of the city lies squarely on the agreed upon border of the three provinces and the main plaza square marks this spot clearly.

In the area that would fall within Aloren the Senate Building stands, facing inward on the north side of the square. Sprawled behind it are the various administrative buildings and offices of the Senators, behind which are the houses of the Senators and their families. Facing the square on the east side is the Triumviral Reserve which dominates and centers the Financial District behind it, a sprawling landscape of money lenders, money changers, Guild Offices, and the homes of guild leaders and their families. Facing in on the west side of the square is the Msikiti wa Asili Mkuu, the Grand Temple of Radurja, which houses the Shahidi Mkuu and the Chuo wa Mashahidi as well as serving as a training ground for mashahidi and a worship site for all followers of Radurja.


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