The Minran Monarchy
Regions Minotron
Ruler King Codrus Warhammer (last)
Player NPC (Asteron Ironhoof)
Abbreviation -
Capital Houston
Status Defunct
Abolished c.395
Sovereignty Lesser Vassal
Government Monarchy
Ruling House Warhammer
Liege Salterri Imperium

The Minran Monarchy is a former kingdom within the Salterri Imperium.


The Minran Monarchy was established by King Minron in the mid-fourth century, following a minotine migration out of the Beginnings Forest. Minron petitioned the Silver Throne for vassalage and governance over the region of Minotron and was provisionally accepted into the Imperium, but shortly afterwards the capture of Qzare Xiu Wandao threw the Imperial government into disarray and Minotron was neglected. Some years later, the Priory of Ascension requested that they take over administration of the region, with the support of Xiu Hanyeo. Governance of Minotron was passed over to the Priory, who quickly deposed Minron's son Codrus, abolished the monarchy, and reconstituted it as a human-dominated province under its former administrative title of Campestrus Pratum.

After the Caercian conquest of Campestrus Pratum in 436 the monarchy enjoyed a revival of sorts with the minotines under the Warhammers gaining more of a role in government, but the Monarchy itself was never fully re-established and it remained a subject province under a Caercian-appointed governor.


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