Empress Mira Ignato
Title Empress of Ignato

Khan of Woodwind

Reign 415-418
Predecessor Empress Syana Ignato
Successor Emperor Zhuang
Spouse Andust Ruffino Noth
Issue None
House Ignato
Mother Empress Syana Ignato
Father Korath Ignato
Born 371
Died 418
Cause of Death Believed murdered

Mira was the eldest child of Empress Syana Ignato and her first husband Korath of Ashenia. She succeeded to the throne of Ignato upon her mother's abdication in 415.

Early lifeEdit

At the age of ten, Mira witnessed the cataclysm at the Second Grand Ball, where her father was burned to death in front of her. This seemed to deeply affect her, and she was known as a troubled young woman. She later married Andust Ruffino Noth of Celero, but Mira later confided in Queen Anguri of Raaneka that their marriage was not a happy one. Andust disagreed with the Ignato policy of detente towards the Salterri and seemed to blame his wife's family. Anguri imparted some advice which seemed to resolve the problems in their marriage, but it was rumoured Mira followed it too enthusiastically, and gained a reputation as a hedonist.[1]


In 415 Syana stepped down to travel with her husband, the former Qzare Xiu Wandao, and Mira inherited her title. Mira's reign was brief and controversial: she reversed or abandoned many of her mother's policies and took a non-interventionist stance in international affairs. She appeared detached and disinterested from government, particularly in foreign affairs, although some claim she had the potential for greatness.

With Mira widely regarded as ineffective, her half-brother Zhuang was seen in some quarters as the power behind the throne, and offered an apparent sense of continuity with his parents. He conducted correspondence with foreign rulers, encouraging them to remain favourable to the Empire and promising the Ignato's allies support.

In 417, however, Zhuang bungled a negotiation and it was discovered by the Imperium that he was in fact devising his own foreign policy contrary to Mira's wishes. Concern began to grow for Mira's safety, but since Zhuang intercepted her correspondence and the Empire was increasingly isolationist, none were able to warn her in time. She died suddenly in 418 in mysterious circumstances. Zhuang was later prosecuted and convicted for her murder.


Royal titles
Preceded by
Syana Ignato
Empress of Ignato
Succeeded by
Xiu Zhuang Ignato

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