Grand Prince Montoyon Gebui
Nationality Monto
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Title Grand Prince Montoyon
Race Monto
Born bef.420
Died bef. 485
Cause of Death Killed by Stormskull
Religion Sapha Rasta (presumed)

Grand Prince Montoyon Gebui was the ruler of Majana Sha prior to its conquest by Megadeth Khaboss Stormskull.

Gebui was a large and opulently-dressed man with green skin, who travelled with a large entourage. He and his lands first came to the attention of the world when he visited Sahra'a in 441, apparently intending to speak with the Tzaltec who had defeated the Eastern Orc Incursions but instead finding himself in Guilder territory. While there he arranged trades with Buttercup of dinosaurs from Maos and various technologies of Guilder in exchange for the valuable Heart Ruby and other exotic fare from his own lands.[1]

At some point prior to 485, he reportedly met with Megadeth Khaboss Stormskull to negotiate, possibly following Stormskull's invasion of his lands. According to Stormskull, Gebui attempted to poison him at the meeting.[2] Stormskull later took his revenge by killing and "soul-eating" Gebui.[3]



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