The Disian Mountains are a large range of mountains in the northern central continent. The western highlands are east of these mountains, and are a series of hills known as the "Children of Dis".

The Frostpeaks, which rise out of the Mountains of Dis, separate Domhan Abhaile from much of the rest of the world.


Known as the Disian mountains by the people of Lyradis, the mountains are known by different names along their range. The Guilderene stretch is known as the Longsight Mountains.

Aldric's CrestEdit

Lyradis is best known for its immense plateau within the heights of the Mountains of Dis, known as Aldric's Crest, or often simply - "The Crest". The plateau stretches from the northern border to the southern border of the region, and much of it is inaccessable by the unskilled climber, or the over burdened traveller, especially to that of the western nations, and serves as a natural defence for the region. The plateau begins rising from the northeast, and so is most accessible there. There are several small lakes in the depressions atop the plateau. While the Crest serves as a wonderful natural defense for the people of Lyradis, it also serves as a major impediment for travelling between the high and low lands.

The Children of DisEdit

This expanse of hills house much of the fertile land of the country, and boast a thick and lush forest, fed by the rivers that come off the mountains, and the common rainfall from the weather. Much of the contents of these forests is largely unexplored. The forest cuts off into a curved plain as the Highlands approach the Mountains, and this hosts a small population of wild horses, some of which have been tamed and used.


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