The Mountains of Discord are a large mountain range on the southern central continent.


The mountains are so named because their stone gives off an odd, discordant noise when struck. The region of Discordia takes its name from the mountains, and according to its history, so does the old kingdom of Lyradis: the "-dis" suffix deriving from "discord". The Knights of Discord are also named after the mountain range.


Strictly speaking the range only includes the eastern and southern extent of the large cluster of southern mountains, but the name is commonly used to refer to the northern spur which forms the southern border of Bracia, Bor-Teire and Salteire.

The tallest mountain in the range is called Shan Xin, named after the family who sponsored its exploration and surveying. The range also includes the sources of a number of major rivers, including the Fluvius He Liu and the Sayleen. These rivers have carved out great valleys which contain the majority of the population, including the Shang Benei, a group of valleys towards the west of the range.[1]

Mt. Ritius in Palas Caercia marks the beginning of the Discord Mountain Range in the west. A great fortress city, now known as Palas Ritius, is built across a great river that flows down from the icy tip of this mountain and into the Expanse and marks the largest sign of human habitation in this region of the territory.[2]



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