Mugerkhal is one of the two principal religions of the Mighty Euge Terrible Alliance of Lanteroc and is followed by the Saroc. It has relatively few doctrinal details of exact faith and structure and no great lineage.


Mugerkhal is more a philosophy than a full religion and its tenets are simple:

  • It is no better to lead than to follow
  • Strength is power, but power is strength
  • A great sword shall never overcome a great hadnik
  • The leader leads because he is allowed to lead

History and MythologyEdit

Partially Mugerkhal is based on the philosophies of some of the first great Saroc Khas and Khabosses, but it wasn't until the ascent of the first Megadeth Khaboss Kruvik Lanteroc that the ideas were formalized and put into code to be learned by every Saroc thereafter. So too did the first Megadeth evolve it from a code of strength into a philosophy with religious implications, laying out the foundation for the Saroc belief system and afterlife.

In Saroc myth, Kruvik is said to have laid out in an impassioned speech following his unification of the Saroc before a great battle with the Kazul that would eventually lead to their arriving in the Thumping Plains.In it Kruvik promised a Saroc's reward after death would be proportionate to their accomplishments in life, to fell a great foe, to serve loyally a good Kha, or act as a good Kha should was to ensure the most rewarding afterlife possible. Filled with song, drink, and pleasures of the flesh. To act cowardly, to run from battle without due cause, to kill a member of one's own Hadnik, this would ensure a torturous and horrifying afterlife, no foes to face, no pain or pleasure, no identity, to become lost in a vast sea of emptiness from which one could never escape.

Later stories tell of Saroc who died before being able to regain their lost righteousness before dying who through devotion to revenge and regaining their right to a better afterlife forced themselves back into the mortal world and brought great and terrible fury that earned them a superior afterlife but these stories, while common enough to be known, are not official teachings of Mugerkhal.


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