Her beauty enchanted all who looked upon her. None had a chance when they heard Her Pipes.

Nai is the An Náduri goddess of fertility.

One of the first Elves to step from Ethyllwn's blossoms, Nai's beauty even then was beyond that of any other and from then only grew as she matured. By the time Nai had reached adulthood, she had become the envy of many of the Deities themselves due to her myriad talents and breathtaking beauty.

She soon became a symbol of new life among the elder races, which drew the wrath of some of the more vain spirits who believed the young Elf had usurped their place. They brewed a plan to rid the world of Nai in secret, but found no mortals willing to back them. After a time, it became evident time refused to change Nai's appearance in the same way it did for all mortals. She retained her beauty and became ageless. During the time of the Elder Gods' disappearance at the end of the First Age, some of the Deities offered Nai a place among them as the Goddess of Fertility, a symbol of beauty, new life and love. To this day, there are jealous Aes Calon who seek to rid the world of Nai and to this day she is so universally adored by all that such a plan is doomed to failure.


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