Niskans are the inhabitants of the Niskovian Steppe, and are faeblood humans. The average Niskan is about 5'4", slender with pale skin, pointed ears and sharp features. Their hair is generally either blonde or light red with white and darker reds being somewhat rarer - a Niskan typically keeps their hair long. Common eye colours are blue or grey though 'jewel tones' such as green, amber or purple are not uncommon in some areas.

Niskan clothing is usually made from woven yak hair or yak leather and most articles are considered to be acceptable attire for either gender - though it is unusual for a child to wear a skirt or dress. A typical outfit consists of a simple long-sleeved shirt and pants or a long skirt worn under a knee-length quilted coat - the coat has either long sleeves or no sleeves depending on the weather. Sturdy boots, fingerless gloves and a wide leather belt finish the outfit off. Dresses are generally worn for formal occasions.[1]


Much of the history of the Niskan people has been lost over the centuries. The following is an amalgamation of various legends, a compilation that most Niskan scholars believe to be closest to the truth of their origins.

A great many lifetimes ago their ancestors were servants of a vast empire ruled by beings of incredible beauty and vast magical prowess.

The tale begins at the end of those days.

The empire is in decline, the immortal ruling caste is fading. In the early days of their empire they had sought immortality and gained it! They had tied their magic, their very lives to the magic of the land. Eventually, they began to draw on their magic for increasingly excessive use, for they had forgotten the dangers of such frivolous use. Their land was now dying and they were responsible for their own decline as well.

Those people were elves.

A young elven half-breed known as Nisha had been suffering from recurring dreams[2] A voice had been calling out to him as he slept, night after night, always saying the same words: you must gather your people and travel far from this place, travel until you reach a land scarred by the heavens, if you remain in this place, you will all perish. But Nisha could never recall these words upon waking.

Things were growing worse, elves of the ruling caste began to make less appearances in public, more and more elven half-breeds disappeared without leaving any trace. Fear was rampant throughout the land.[3]


  2. Half-breed is something of a misnomer. The term was likely applied to any with even the tiniest amount of non-elven ancestry.

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