The Nix, or Nixdarum, are an aquatic people who inhabit the Abyssian Sea.

Physically the Nixdarum are simi-bipedal trilobites with brown or grey exo-skeletons, arched backs and two pairs of slim arms and legs. their head is wide and flat shaped with multi-facitited eyes for sight. they have fingers and hand live on land foe short periods of time, as well as communicate with their ability to mimic sounds.

The Nixdarum have an unfortunate history with other races. Long before than any mammal or reptile existed there were the amphibious Drexal and the Nixdarum; the Drexal were hateful evil things, while the Nix sought only enlightenment. the Drexal believed the poor trilobitic creatures weak and warred on them for centuries, that is until a heroic Nix managed to annihilate them both by cross-breeding several plankton breeds and letting the product go. Almost every Nix and Drexal died, save those who were lucky and outside the major population centers. They went into metabolic slumber, awakening only in the mid-fifth century.

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