Region Number 68B
Realm Grand Duchy of Pavonia
Population 106,000
Resources Hellstone, Amethysts, Sulphur
Imports Goats
Religion The Path

Novorogh, also known as Norogh, is the region beneath Pavonia. Although initially discovered and colonised by the Mularuhm dwarves, it was conquered by the Pavonians in the early fifth century.


The Nalep Inferno is a large cavern that was a vein of Hellstone. The rock has been on fire for millennia, slowly burning away to form the large cave, the edges of which are still on fire. The other major feature of the region is the Yballa Crystal Cave, which is filled with Amethyts, some as large as a dwarf. The inhabitants of the region live in the Herath Ice Caves. These are high in the mountain, in the areas close enough to the surface for snow, ice, and the occasional bit of sunlight to stream down.


Norogh's natives are small goblinoid creatures with blue skin. They are half again as small as a dwarf, with large ears and eyes, and mostly hairless bodies. They are only half civilized, still wearing animal skins and using bone and stone tools. They have been dubbed Cyaqueets by the Pavonians, combining archaic words for "blue" and "goblin" Perhaps fifteen thousands remain in the caves, with another ten thousand scattered among the surface goblin tribes for integration. Perhaps seven thousand Pavonian civilians currently reside in the caves, mostly goblins but with a scattering of humans and Jaegers.


Hellstone, a stone that burns three times as long as coal and twice as hot, has formed the Nalep Inferno, and could likely be mined. It has uses both in industry and in Alchemy. Amethysts are found through the Yballa Crystal Caves, and are worked into Jewelry. Large deposits of refinable Sulfur have also been located within the caves, and are now a major export. However, the underground nature of the caves means that herd animals are rare, with Goats especially valued.


The Cyaqueets of Novorogh have all but universally adopted the Pavonian runes, though in most cases this is not due to any belief in their efficacy but simply due to the fact that Pavonian law and custom is built on the assumption that you have them. For example, Pavonian law dictates that a man and woman become legally married when they join their heartrunes. No runes, no marriage. No marriage, no children (or no legitimate ones, at any rate). Some have merged their old animistic beliefs with the sygaldry, an act that the Pavonians have no objection to.

More recently, the Path has spread through Novorogh, rapidly rising to become a visible minority.


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