Region Number 131
Realm Kingdom of Novrania
Population 76,000
Resources Wood, Fish, Medicinal Herbs
Imports Metal
Religion Nature spirits
 Novrania is an island region in the Hundred Seas, and the homeland of the Kingdom of Novrania.


An evergreen rainforest covers most of the island, the wet climate providing a thriving ecosystem. The center of the island rises up in a series of hills that are just a bit too short to be called mountains and slopes down to rocky beaches on the eastern coast.

The western side of the island is composed of sheer cliffs that drop into the ocean below. The Sunset Cliffs, as the locals know them, become a myriad of colors every evening due to their namesake.

To the north of Novrania is a large swath of open water that hides a sprawling coral reef, known as the Sharks' Teeth. This reef has been the cause of many shipwrecks, including the very first ones that caused the island to become inhabited. Locals know better than to sail through this area.

The Ancient Spines are a breed of tree that has grown taller and larger than any other on the island. The reddish hue of the wood has prompted superstition and even though no man could conceivably fell such a behemoth, it is forbidden by law to even try.


Humans descended from lost sailors with no desire to return to their homelands. Over the many generations of interbreeding and merging of new populations, the Novranian people have some major qualities in common. Universally dark haired, there are few bloodlines with hints of red in beards of men. Their skin has a perpetually sun-browned look, and even those that are avoidant of the sun have light brown coloration. Most of the population, regardless of sex, near six feet in height, and quite a few surpass that. Eye colors often reflect the sea, with blue, green, and grey being the most pervasive.


The great amount of trees and a conscious understanding of replanting and replenishment have kept the Novranian people in a surplus of timber.

The relatively protected east coast has lead to massive amounts of fish and easy waters for fishermen. This is the majority of Novrania’s foodstuffs.

In the damp and dark undergrowth of the vast forest of Novrania, many different herbs thrive. Over the decades, the locals have experimented and crossbred those with the most usage in medicine, taking their health into their own hands.


Although originally Novranians may have held onto the religions of their homelands, today they have a small pantheon of nature spirits. They give thanks to the Sea for the fish, they respect the Island for allowing them to thrive and grow, and they pay homage to the Sky in fear of storms, while being thankful for rain.

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