Nyerik Kensin
Nationality Thalmann-Niemida
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
House Thalmann
Race Human
Mother Fyris Thalmann
Father Gygex
Born 518
Religion Panshén

Nyerik Kensin was a famous swordsman of the Niemida Legacy during the sixth century.

A great-grandson of King Rythex, he was considered to have a claim to the throne of the Thalmann Legacy following the old king's death, but failed to garner substantial support due to his youth. Following the union of the kingdom with the Niemida Prefecture and its joining of the eastern Imperium, he was sent as an ambassador to the mainland Kingdom of the Carmine Sea, some suspected to remove him from the prefecture and minimise the chance of his pressing a claim to the throne.

After a few years in the mainland kingdom he gained a reputation as something of a blowhard and braggart, testing the patience of many, including members of the Jarrow royal family. He accompanied an Imperial delegation on the Serpent Subjugation Safari in the Free Cities, where he was part of the group which confronted a hydra. He himself however was unable to assist in defeating the monster.

On his return from the Safari, however, he was a changed man, and dedicated himself more seriously to swordsmanship. Soon he was regarded as one of the best swordsmen in the kingdom, if not the very foremost. Between 550 and 554 he won the King's Cup every year, the first to achieve five victories in the cup (a record that would stand until broken by his cousin Amber more than twenty years later) and to date the only entrant to win five consecutive victories.

He retired from duelling in 555 after he was finally defeated by Lorela Deathbranch, though some suggested he was still a formidable swordsman.

Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Deryn Menwyr
First Sword of Sobrida
Succeeded by
Lorela Deathbranch

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