Mormaer Ogier
Title Mormaer of Razdis
Reign c.465 -
Predecessor Empress Cogen
Successor Incumbent
Spouse Unknown
Issue Valfitz (illegitimate)
House Unbroken Line
Father Elbar son of Razkanut
Religion Children of Kina (from c.500)

Ogier was formerly a minor noble of the Unbroken Line clan, descended from Hyke, an uncle of Razkai I, but following Cogen's sudden death, he rose to prominence. He opposed the Ratdwarf's claim to the throne of the Underpire on a technical point of law concerning non-Razdissi children of Mormaers which he may have invented.[1]

During a bloody civil war, he defeated the Ratdwarf and his followers and established himself as Mormaer by 465. He allowed the more distant parts of the Underpire to pass into the hands of foreign rulers, recognising their independence in the aftermath of the war.

Around the turn of the century, he took Hilja Sam Ravitar of the Faedas Freehold as a spiritual advisor and, it was rumoured, as a mistress. He later converted to the faith of the Children of Kina, and became a vassal of the Throne of Thorns.



Hyke (Uncle of Razkai I)
 Hengist son of Hyke
   Magnus son of Hengist
     Razkanut son of Magnus
       Elbar son of Razkanut
         Ogier son of Elbar[2]


By his wife, Ogier had at least two sons,[3] whose names are unknown.

By unknown mother, believed to be Hilja Sam Ravitar, Ogier has one son:

  • Valfitz, born c.496, a half-ef, recognised in 411.[4] Later became Headmaster of the School of Espionage and Inquisition.[5]


Royal titles

Civil War
Title last held by
Empress Cogen
Mormaer of Razdis
465 - present

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