Old Farridon
Regions Unknown
Ruler Unknown
Player -
Abbreviation -
Capital Douar Fu (speculative)
Status Defunct
Abolished c.130
Sovereignty Vassal
Liege Grand Kingdom of Kell
Vassals -

Old Farridon is the name given to the region of Farridon believed to have existed in the south of the central continent in the first and second centuries. It is not to be confused with the modern Principality of Farridon.


Farridon is reported to have been the only ally of Old Lyradis, before it became a vassal of the Grand Kingdom of Kell in about 110. Lyradissian history is not clear on whether Farridon joined the Kell kingdom willingly or whether it was coerced. Within twenty years, Farridon had broken off trading contact with Lyradis, and appears to have been fully absorbed into the Grand Kingdom. Lyradis history implies that the native ruler of Farridon had been deposed or otherwise lost his effective power by 130.

No more is heard of Farridon after the recorded outbreak of war between Old Lyradis and Kell in 133.


The location of Old Farridon is unknown. By the third century when the southwest was explored by the Salterri and Jarrs, there was no sign of any major polity in the vicinity of where Old Farridon was believed to be located outside the Salterri Imperium, and little trace of any lasting central authority or civilisation. The ruins known to the Kornandon goblins as the Douar Fu were taken by the Jarrs to be the probable capital of Old Farridon, but they have not been extensively explored.

The modern Principality of Farridon is considered the successor state to Old Farridon and claimed as such by the Prince (also King of the Jarrs) although it is unclear to what extent the territory of contemporary Farridon corresponds to that of Old Farridon, if at all.

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