Opus Petrichor
Title Regent of the Jewelled Cities, Sagamore of Tar
Reign c.408-436
Predecessor Tupelo Cornus
Successor Andus Fitzrion
Spouse Unknown
Issue Fern Cascade
Born 360, Tar
Died 436, Propinlonge
Cause of Death Terrorist attack
Religion Children of Kina

Opus was physicially unremarkable for a Quill, with a decidedly studious appearance. Early in his studies, he earned the nickname "Geek". HIs closest friend being Tupelo Cornus, disparingly named "freak".

Political offices

Title last held by
Tupelo Cornus
Regent of the Jewelled Cities
c.408 - 436
Succeeded by
Andus Fitzrion
as Skipper-General
Sagamore of Tar
c.408 - 436

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