Orcs are a humanoid species native to some parts of the southern central continent and apparently several regions to the east of Tzalteclan and the Guilderene Expanse. There are a number of different tribes, many of which have their own distinct cultures.


The best-known orcs are those of Grmanhil and its neighbouring regions, called Grûk by the Salterri, who briefly formed their own realm in the fourth century.

Grûk are grey- and green- skinned humanoids, with enlarged canines protruding from their mouths. They are most commonly the height of a man but are more muscular. Eye color range widely from orange to blue to green to gold. The males do not have any body hair but female orcs have black hair they keep braided.


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The orcs of METAL belong to a tribe known as the Saroc.


See Tuvaak

A migratory group of orcs known as the Tuvaak inhabits the southern central continent.


The Braîk are the orcs of Bracia and Bor-Teire. They are a little taller and quite a bit broader than Grmanhilian orcs, and when deprived of their hops-filled diet often become aggressive.


In Pavonia orcs are known as Jaegers and are closely integrated into human society. Jaegers are somewhat larger and bulkier than even the already large Pavonian humans, averaging about 7 feet in height. Their hair is nearly always black, but the skin can be any color, from green to gray to purple. Jaegers also have large tusks which protrude from their lower jaw.

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