Orgnar Bangboom
Title Chief of Grmanhil
Reign c.350-c.380
Predecessor None
Successor Unknown of Clan Thunderhand[1]
Spouse Guma Razorroar
Issue Bergar Bangboom

Urgo Bangboom

House Bangboom
Born c.305
Died aft.376

Orgnar Bangboom was the first chief to unify all the orcs of Grmanhil, and also the last independent ruler of the Grmanhil orcs. Having become chief of the Bangboom clan before 350, he brought all the other clans under his banner by that date, and began a policy of expansion and public works, including the colonisation of Grizzland and starting construction of the Grand Canal.

In 376 the Salterri Imperium declared war on Hrathan-Tuor and marched northwards, crossing the border into Grizzland. Orgnar declared against the Imperium and sent his troops to fight alongside the Knights of PAIN. At the time, Grmanhil, like much of the north, was suffering from the Pusdeath, and Orgnar made an attempt to spread it into Salterri lands, marching sufferers to the border with Bor-Teire. After the war, this behaviour was condemned by many of his allies. With the Pusdeath already having claimed many of his people and almost all the senior members of his clan, Orgnar was imprisoned by Lyradis and his lands partitioned. He was not heard from again and is presumed to have died in custody.


Royal titles
New title Chieftain of the Grmanhil Orcs
c.450 - c.480
Succeeded by
Unknown Thunderhand

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